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Digital Marketing For Small Businesses and Nonprofits

We’re an expert Internet Marketing company that provides solutions focused on Branding and maximizing your ROI.  We look at our clients as partners and provide full-service digital marketing strategies so they can focus on their day to day business while we manage everything digital. We specialize in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), and Content Marketing. We listen to your needs, offer quality solutions, and as a result, execute comprehensive Online Marketing that will help grow your revenue and brand authority with your target audience.

Why You Should Use Digital Marketing

With over 3 Billion active internet users, Marketing online has become one of the best ways to get in front of your target audience. A large reason Digital Marketing is so effective is the extensive targeting options available through platforms such as Google and Facebook. They give you options to target people based on things as general as age and location to more detailed data such as their interests and purchasing behaviors. Another reason Digital Marketing is so effective is the ability to remarket to past clients and people who have interacted with your company online. Whether you’re looking to reach people in your local area or you want to be seen all over the world, it can be done very efficiently and effectively by utilizing Digital Marketing for you and your company.

It’s Where The Attention Is

The average person now spends more time online than with TV and all other media combined.

Detailed Targeting

Target your ideal customer with extremely detailed demographic targeting on the leading search and social platforms.

Extremely Measurable

You’re able to see extremely detailed statistics about the progress of all inbound and outbound marketing.

Bodhi Branding

Bodhi Branding is a Digital Marketing agency in Michigan that specializes in PPC, SEO, Content Marketing and Web Development.

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